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Grade II* Listed Building Renovation, Guildford, Surrey

Steeped in history: In 1819 architect Augustus Pugin, who designed and built the tower of Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament, was commissioned to completely transform the appearance of the house. The resulting Tudor/Victorian exterior, with its brick dressings and sixty three individually designed Gothic brick chimneys, remains a triumph to this day. Past visitors included George III whose Coronation Ball was held at Albury, and the luminaries of their day Lords Shaftesbury and Palmerston. The late 1800’s saw the estate eventually pass to the then Duke of Northumberland through marriage and today, the family still owns the surrounding land.

Architect Michael Wilson is currently transforming the house into 12 luxury apartments in conjunction with Trevor Martin Developments Ltd. The opportunity to be part of such an important heritage project is exciting and challenging. Trevor Martin and his team of craftsmen are united in a passion for their trade which is unsurpassed, and the professionalism they bring to each project is proof of this.

November 2011

Job started with a soft strip out of carpets, kitchens and bathrooms and removal of debris.

December 2011

Demolition of walls, floors, ceiling salvaging of columns and cornices which we have stored for re-use.

January 2012

Cut through alterations completed.

February 2012

Scaffolding going up for steel works and start of scaffolding for main works.

March 2012

Start of stripping main roof and investigation works.

April 2012

Starting on renovating chimney stacks and scaffolds to access property completed.

May 2012

Roof tile works before doing balcony and leadworks.

June 2012

Garage works started and temporary car park construction of site traffic. Plumbing and electric work started main house.

July 2012

Garage work progressing, landscape planting started.

August 2012

New services and renovation of building and alteration works progressing.

September 2012

Soakaway works, external wall, repainting stairwells.

October 2012

Renovation of Mews section. Shows apartment progressing and balcony view

November 2012

Roofing works nearing completion







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